I just wrapped these three small gifts for my friends’ babies with craft paper, organic waxed twine + hand drawn tags. Three cute birds flew to Germany to bring something special for little ones!

The packaging was inspired by the book ‘Packaging Your Crafts – Creative Ideas for Crafters, Artists, Backers & More’ by Viola E. Sutanto. The book looks really great with beautiful images of gorgeous products and packaging solutions. The book includes tutorials, packaging option using different materials and for different products, and a bunch of interviews with the artists and crafters who share their experiences of selling and packaging their products. Also, there are downloadable templates such as hexagon box, bottle box, or triangular tray to save your time.

I guess the message of the book is that packaging really matters. It can take your product to a higher level. Most of the solutions are cost and/or time consuming but, of course, beautiful. Following the tips from the book, your packaging becomes an additional product to your main product. Anyway, even if some tips are too complicated, the book is very inspiring and worth reading.

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