January Journal Cover

Phew! I finished and submitted my cover design. As I mentioned in the previous POST, I am participating in the 'Make Art That Sells' (MATS) course, which is part of the Assignment Bootcamp provided by Lilla Rogers Studio.

 The Big Assignment for January was a cover design for a journal. I struggled with the theme ‘Edwardian Brooches ’ in the first week, and I didn’t use any of my sketches from the Mini assignment for a final cover design. That was a little tough. My best friends are still the diamonds.  I used some geometric fractured shapes and watercolour textures as a main motive for my design. Lettering was hard, and I decided to develop my own hand-written letters rather than to use any commercial fonts. But my letters are getting better and better!

 A gallery with more than 500 design pieces is HERE, and you can find my work plus hundreds of other wonderful designs. I like that many people used the brooches theme as an inspiration to figure out other interpretations. Now I can really confirm that this first Big Assignment was a lot of fun! I am ready for the February Mini! 

Thanks for coming by!

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