Assignment Bootcamp {The January Mini}

First of all, I would like to wish a happy, healthy, safe, productive, and creative year to everyone! 2015 started for me with the ‘Assignment Bootcamp’, with Lilla Rogers Studio. This is my first online course ever. Last year I participated in the Global Talent Search competition held by Lilla Rogers Studio and I really enjoyed the experience. HERE is my post about GTS 2014. Right now I am very excited about ‘Assignment Bootcamp’! During the next six months, we will receive regular assignments, and we will create some great art work, designs, and illustrations for different products. The first Monday of every month starts with a Mini assignment, and on the second Monday, we will receive a bigger assignment to be completed before the end of the month. And the first week is almost over... Now here are some thoughts about my experience.

Mini Assignment. The theme for this week was very unexpected for me – to draw Edwardian Brooches. As it turned out, it is a very challenging task. First, I researched the brooches, including their shapes, lines, and gems. They are gorgeous, detailed, and rich. I tried to sketch them... but honestly, in fact... I DON’T LIKE Edwardian Brooches. I don’t think this is my thing, my style, or any kind of inspiration for me. This is an awful truth.

Finding inspiration. Eh, finally, I decided to concentrate on brooches based on insects and animals. Also, I like DIAMONDS like many girls do)). I reviewed some geometry this week and really enjoyed building different shapes of diamonds. A major inspiration for me was the community of bootcampers! There are around 400 students from all over the world participating in this course. The co-campers are so enthusiastic, creative, and open to experimentation, that looking at their work and posts brought me more inspiration then the gorgeous brooches themselves. I think, the community is the biggest advantage of the online courses.

Sketches. Probably, the real purpose of the first task is not what I am doing. It is so hard for me just to make sketches of the brooches, especially when the final product is unknown. Lilla keeps the name of the product in secret until Monday. I practiced with the diamonds’ shapes and then I created a couple of characters. That was fun. I am thinking to make more characters with varying levels of detail. Also, I worked a bit with watercolors, to test some textures for the future diamonds and shapes. I am very curious how the project will change when the final product will be announced. I am looking forward to Monday (a favourite day of the week, right?).    

P.S. Here there are a couple of images of Edwardian Brooches, if you are not familiar with them.

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